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The who

Female, mid thirties, curvy, witty, Scorpio and opinionated (as in, I have opinions, and NOT as in the Bee word!)  That is a satisfactory way of summing me up… to my mind.   Oh yes, and I recently discovered that I have a very feline nature… in the best of senses, of course.  And there I was, for years, thinking that I was a dog person (again, NOT as in the Bee word.)
I am at that thirty-something stage where we question where we are, where we’re going, the meaning of life, la di da di da.  We have had these questions bouncing around our heads for some time now, and their echoes grow louder still, so much so, that they can no longer be ignored, and therefore must be addressed or stifled or something.
Perhaps all this thinking has been brought on by the cat-dog person thing… not sure.  I mean, they do get along together – cats and dogs- when socialized properly!

Another big thing with me is music – I have very eclectic tastes, depending on my mood.  And I like reading good books.  The kind of books that take you on a journey with lots of too-ing, fro-ing and overcoming obstacles, of course.  Again, my tastes are rather eclectic and range from crime fiction, comedy, crime thrillers, to the classics to psychology and self help (yes, I know I need all the self help – and non – I can get).  Clearly, I like getting lost in a good story-line, with pleasant characters, witty leading men, and a possibly happy, or at the very least fruitful, ending.  (Demanding, me?)  This predilection clearly stems from my need to escape to another world, at least for a short while.  Since I am aware of this literature-as-escapism, this is not a problem, or at least, so I am told… okay, it’s more, what one of my alter-egos tells myself.
This is my attempt at making sense of things, and mostly entertaining myself and my various alter-egos.  Take my comments, for what they are… and definitely with a pinch of salt.
* The guest blog posts of my alter egos are denoted in italics, to avoid (further, sic) confusion.  To contact me, or any of them email nadine (dot) Brincat (at) gmail (dot) com

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